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Cement Shot Ingredients: How to Make a Cement Mixer

2019-8-27 · This shot, made with Irish cream and lime juice, is a college party staple. ... Cement Mixer . Explore drinks similar to this Kamikaze ... The cream curdles and the separation resembles wet cement. It’s not the most Instagram-worthy of drinks,

Cement Mixer Shots - Tipsy Bartender

2018-1-17 · The Cement Mixer Shots are basically a rite of passage for any novice drinker. One shot Irish cream, one shot of lime juice, mix in your mouth until you experience feelings inside your mouth that you've (maybe?) never experienced before. CEMEN

The Cement Mixer: The Worst Shot Ever? -

Ah, the cement mixer. It is both one of the most popular shot drinks and, quite honestly, one of the most disgusting. Why it remains popular is one of those great mysteries of the bar world. The reason may have a lot to do with the reaction of those who d

Cement Mixer Shot - Drink Lab Cocktail & Drink Recipes

Cement Mixer Shot. The cement mixer is a popular shot to trick your friends. As the shot mixes in your mouth, the Irish Cream and lime juice slowly mix together creating a thick slurry best compared to cottage cheese or cement. Consider it more of a funny

Cement Mixer recipe

2006-1-6 · I had my first one last night.. guy askes me if i wanted to try something horrible. i was already gone, so i said sure.. why not.. he told me its called a cement mixer, and gave it to me.. the taste wasnt that horrible.. it was actually kinda g

Cement Mixer recipe from My Best Cocktails

An out of the ordinary shooter which is tasty to some and nasty to others but nonetheless is a good time to be had. The libation turns into a sticky, cement-like substance as the drinker swishes the mixture in his or her mouth.. The Cement Mixer is made w

Best Alcohol Shots to Order and Drink -

2018-5-14 · Best Alcohol Shots to Order and Drink. ... Cement mixer These shot are notorious for making people puke. This shot once mixed causes the the mix to curdle in the person’s mouth. This shot is makes our stomachs turn just thinking about it. Main

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The Bloody Mary, the Long Island Iced Tea, the Tequila Sunrise, the Hurricane, the Martini. Others are less familiar, like an El Presidente or Diamondback. Then there’s the Cement Mixer, a mixed drink that reminds people of a famed adage: you get what you

70 Cement mixer Synonyms - Other Words for Cement mixer

Cement mixer synonyms. Top synonyms for cement mixer (other words for cement mixer) are concrete mixer, paver and paving machine. cement mixer synonyms - similar ... alcohol mixer type blender 19. concrete mixer. exp. , n ... shot drink. exp. # alcohol 1.

Cum Shot #2 recipe -

Cum Shot Cement Mixer. The Milky Way Carrot Cake #2 Brown Eyed Girl Doug's Modified Cement Mixer Attitude Adjustment Rattlesnake Shooter Chocolate Snake Bite Bumble Bee Alien Nipple #2 Fat Cat Chocolate Monk Perfect Cherry Cheese Cake Irish Gold I Blow Up

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Cum Shot. Cement Mixer The Milky Way Carrot Cake #2 Brown Eyed Girl Doug's Modified Cement Mixer Attitude Adjustment Rattlesnake Shooter Chocolate Snake Bite Bumble Bee Alien Nipple #2 Fat Cat Chocolate Monk Perfect Cherry Cheese Cake Irish Gold I Blow Up

Cement Mixer shot drink recipes - DRINKSMIXER.COM

2019-1-2 · One of the web's largest collections of Cement Mixer shot drink recipes, with a list of the most popular drink recipes in this section. ... Doug's Modified Cement Mixer r... 1 shot Bailey's® Irish cream 2 - 3 splashes lemon juice. Put Bailey's

Cement Mixer Shot : alcohol - reddit

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50+ Great Recipes for Fun Party Shots and Shooters

Try the cement mixer if you dare! This is one of those gag shots (literally) that someone at some time thought would be funny. It can be, but it's probably best if you serve the Irish cream and lime juice shot to a friend. Just make sure they drink it fas

How to Make a Cement Mixer Shot: 5 Steps (with Pictures

2019-3-29 · How to Make a Cement Mixer Shot. The manner in which the ingredients in this shot drink are mixed together causes a sensation resembling the action of a cement mixer in the mouth when drinking it down. But don't worry––it's a lot more ple... Beverages | Cement Mixer

2011-3-5 · Pour the Bailey's Irish Creme into a shot glass. Take a teaspoon, touch the edge of the spoon to the inside side of the glass right near the surface of the Bailey's, round back side of the teaspoon up. Gently pour the Lime Juice onto the round

RECIPE: Cement Mixer #3 Recipe -

Cement Mixer #3 Recipe Ingredients 1/2 oz. Tequila 1/2 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream 1/4 oz. Lime Juice Mixing Instruction Pour the Bailey's into a shot glass until three-quarters full. Add half a teaspoon or a quick squeeze of lemon juice. Quickly consume and

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A cement mixer is a shot drink. It often consists of: 1 part Bailey's Irish Cream (Other types of alcoholic Irish cream may be substituted.); 1 part Lime juice (lemon juice may be substituted); The drink is traditionally ingested by taking the shot of Bai

[Recipe for the day 2017-06-28] Cement Mixer 2 : alcohol

Cement Mixer 2. 1/2 oz Tequila. 1/2 oz Half-And-Half. Mix together the two ingredients in a shot glass, and serve. It's recommended you also chase with a beer. This recipe is provided by 1001 Cocktails - "Drink Better!" ALL of my daily recipes can be foun

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