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Factors Affecting Strength of Concrete -

2013-4-17 · Factors Affecting Strength of Concrete. Concrete strength is affected by many factors, such as quality of raw materials, water/cement ratio, coarse/fine aggregate ratio, age of concrete, compaction of concrete, temperature, relative humidity a

Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Fibers in Concrete on

2013-6-2 · The object of this research effort was, upon request for evidence from a building contractor, to compare the influence of various amounts and types of fibers on crack widths, using a steel ring mold. Comparisons were made between synthetic fibe

Creep in Concrete, Factors affecting Creep & Effects of

Concrete creep is defined as: deformation of structure under sustained load. Basically, long term pressure or stress on concrete can make it change shape. This deformation usually occurs in the direction the force is being applied. Like a concrete column

Factors affecting the tensile properties of concrete

2.1. Introduction. Tensile strength is a paramount property of concrete. It determines the load-bearing behavior of concrete structures because the compressive strength, which is usually taken as design parameter, depends also on the tensile strength on t

15 Factors Affecting Durability of Concrete

2010-1-26 · Quantity of cement used in concrete mix will also be a factor affecting durability of concrete. If cement content used is lower than the required, then water cement ratio becomes reduced and workability also reduced. Adding more water to this

Factors Affecting Width of Cracks in Reinforced Concrete

2019-8-31 · Factors Affecting Width of Cracks in Reinforced Concrete In reinforced concrete, reinforcement contributes to limit cracks number and their width. ... A well distributed tension bars over tensile zone of concrete, efficiently limit crack on te

Factors affecting crack repairing capacity of bacteria

Factors affecting crack repairing capacity of bacteria-based self-healing concrete ... the capacity of concrete crack self-healing depended on many factors. The crack was more and more difficult to be repaired with the increase of average crack width and


Causes of Cracks in Concrete and its Remedies Cracks in concrete are caused due to following factors. One of the main causes of cracks in concrete is the cooling and contraction due to setting of concrete. Volume change and stresses due to shrinkage are i

Why Concrete Cracks - The Concrete Network

When installed properly, concrete is one of the most durable and long lasting products you can use around your home. But it is important that concrete contractors follow well-established guidelines with respect to concrete placement. Durable, high strengt