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precautions to be taken during hot weather concreting

Concreting under Extreme Environmental Conditions

2019-8-18 · Cold Weather Concreting: Any concreting operation under taken at a temperature below 5°C is called cold weather concreting. Many codes do not advocate concreting operations at an atmospheric temperature below 5°C without adopting special preca

Precautions to be Taken During Hot Weather Concreting

Hot Weather Concreting - Precautions to be Taken During Hot Weather Concreting . Precautions to be Taken During Hot Weather Concreting: Proportioning of Concrete Mix. As far as possible, cement with lower heat of hydration should be preferred to those hav

Concrete Construction Tips -- Hot Weather Concreting

2019-9-1 · Generally speaking, hot weather precautions should be taken whenever the temperature reaches 85 degrees F. or more. Needed preparations include: casting floor slabs after the structure has been roofed; having extra help on hand during hot weath

What precautions should be used when pouring concrete in

The success of many hot-weather concreting operations depends on the steps taken to slow the cement hydration reactions within the ... These precautions would be helpful during concrete ...

Hot Weather Concreting - Precautions Before, During

Hot Weather Concreting: We know that cement possesses faster rate of hydration in hot weather. The rate of hydration of cement increases with the increases in temperature. Generally, 10 ° C – 27 ° C is considered as most suitable for hydration. At higher

During Hot weather Precaution to be taken for concreting

The concreting was mainly done during the summer seasons. so some times during hot weather the cracks may appear due to the temperature. so in this lecture i show you the some of the main precautions to be taken during hot weathers.

Hot and Cold Weather Concreting -

Protect concrete surface with plastic during curing. Install temporary wind breaks and sunshades to limit concrete exposure. Consider morning or night concrete pours at cooler temperatures. If precautions are taken when pouring concrete during cold and ho

Hot Weather Concreting | Problems, Effects and Precautions

ACI 305 “Hot Weather Concreting” defines hot weathers as any combination of the following conditions that tends to impair the quality of the freshly mixed or hardened concrete: The success of many hot-weather concreting operations depends on the steps tak

Hot Weather Concreting | German Plast

2019-8-14 · Concreting during hot weather. Hot weather conditions can produce a rapid rate of evaporation of moisture from the surface of the concrete and accelerate setting time. Generally, high humidity tends to reduce the effects of hot weather in conc


Concrete Placing Precautions The concrete, as it comes out of the mixer or as it is ready for use on the platform, is to be transported and placed on the formwork. Following precautions should be taken during placing of concrete. The formwork or the surfa

Precautions to be taken during Construction of New

2017-12-5 · instructions regarding precautions to be taken during Construction of New Buildings. In ... days/10 days in case of ordinary Portland cement for normal/ dry & Hot weather, and 10 days /14 days in case of blended cement or cement mixed ... Ensu


2019-8-23 · In countries which experience extreme weather conditions special problems are encountered in preparation, placement and curing of concrete. India has regions of extreme hot weather (hot-humid and hot-arid) as well as cold weather. The Indian S

Concrete In Hot Weather Conditions-Challanges

2017-7-22 · The following are the precautions will reduce the potential problems of hot-weather concreting. Use materials and mix proportions that have a good record in hot-weather conditions. Cool the concrete or one or more of its ingredients. Use a con

Hot Weather Concreting Tips for Producers | GCP Applied

2019-8-24 · Hot Weather Concreting Practices for Concrete Producers. Share. February 19, 2018. ... there are still many things that can go wrong if precautions are not taken during hot weather. The American Concrete Institute (ACI) states that conditions

Concreting in hot weather | Minimix Concrete

2019-8-24 · The problems When concreting in hot weather, it is important to prevent early loss of water from the concrete. Extremes of heat, wind and low humidity in combination or separately can cause concrete cracking and quick setting. In these conditi


Any concreting operation done at a temperature below 5 0 C is termed as cold weather concreting. IS: 7861 (Part-2) recommends special precautions to be taken during cold weather concreting. In the absence of special precautions, the effect of cold weather

Precautions for Cold-Weather Concreting - NPCA

Precautions for Cold-Weather Concreting. ... Suitable precautions shall be taken in cold weather to prevent concrete from freezing, including: • Heat the mixing water, but not >180 degrees F. ... • Little or no added external moisture is needed for concre

How to concrete in hot weather | German Plast

2019-8-30 · As we read in the earlier blog post, Hot Weather Concreting can affect the strength of a structure. It is therefore important to know what precautions we can take to avoid the ill-effects of concreting during hot and arid weather. The first im

Hot Weather Concrete -

2010-2-8 · The first step that must be taken is to identify when hot weather concreting conditions may apply and modify the normal con-crete placing and finishing procedures accordingly. Possible steps that may be taken include: Preparation ACI recommendati

Best Precaution to be taken in hot weather concreting

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