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precise simulation analysis of the thermal field in

Numerical simulation of temperature fields in powder bed

2017-12-5 · Numerical simulation of temperature fields in powder bed fusion ... As the temperature field is the basis for the following mechanical analysis of thermal stress field, different FE models have been developed estimate the temperature fieldto .

Thermal Cracking Analysis during Pipe Cooling of Mass

2015-11-12 · Pipe cooling systems are among the potentially effective measures to control the temperature of mass concrete. However, if not properly controlled, thermal cracking in concrete, especially near water pipes, might occur, as experienced in many

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Both element birth and death technique and double ellipse heat source model were introduced to simulate the welding process. The welding thermal field and residual stress of thick steel plate were analyzed by finite element simulation software ANSYS.Then

Numerical simulation of temperature field in heterogeneous

In multiscale analysis of heat transfer of concrete structure, the concrete is assumed as a three-phase composite material , thus there is usually a need to solve thermal field of heterogeneous media. The Finite Element Method (FEM) is the most widely app

Thermal Field Analysis in High Voltage Coils of Rotating

2018-10-19 · Thermal Field Analysis in High Voltage Coils of Rotating Machines ... program and transferred for further analysis to ANSYS simulation environment (Fig. 4). The Ansys program . POSTER 2017, PRAGUE MAY 23 3 calculates the temperature distribut

Dynamic simulation of resistance spot welding_

2011-3-30 · 2 Electrical field analysis The field governing equation for electrical as both be many small parts ... 8.期刊论文 王春生.韩凤武.陆培德.赵熹华.陈勇.邱冬生 Electrical-thermal ...

A Historic Revision and Bibliometric Analysis of Heat

2018-5-2 · Analysis of Heat Transfer Simulation Research from 2007 to 2017 Guillermo Eliecer Valencia Ochoa*, David Andrés Lorduy Martínez, Erni Stiwar Ramos Banda ... processes in order to calculate thermal properties, such as thermal conductivity (W/m°C

Thermal Simulation - Elma Electronic

Optimal thermal design and analysis is crucial in embedded systems development and can greatly improve the reliability of equipment deployed in the field. Elma has been solving board, chassis and cabinet level thermal problems for over 30 years to ensure

Superconducting RF Cavity Frequency and Field

2005-10-28 · precise structure analysis function. ANSYS Mechanical Model Setup In the ANSYS analysis mode l, the element SHELL51 is ... Simulation of Field Flatness Linear Fit of Simulation mm Figure 5: Field flatness variation for tuner movement. ... cau

Analysis of Electrical and Thermal Stresses in the Stress

2017-3-21 · Analysis of Electrical and Thermal Stresses in the Stress Relief System of Inverter Fed Medium Voltage ... that have become popular because they enable precise control of speed and torque in medium voltage motors. However, these drives are kno

Direct Coupled Thermal-Structural Analysis in ANSYS

2013-5-3 · THERMAL STRUCTURAL COUPLING • To represent direct coupling, APDL commands should be used. –User must select coupled-field elements. • 1-way structural to thermal coupling is usually represented by direct coupling as well. –It’s easier than expo

Electromagnetic Modeling and Thermal Analysis | Ultraflex

2019-8-21 · Thermal Analysis. Thermal analysis is the process of solving the heat equation for a specified load and power density. Performing a thermal simulation can be used to determine the heat distribution and dissipation due to conduction, convection

Numerical Simulation Analysis of Rail Head for U75V in the

In this paper, for the rail U75V rail head spray quenching process temperature field, we founded model, meshed, loaded, and solved the finite element simulation of the process by using ABAQUS finite element analysis software, and carried on the site test

Analysis of Thermal Characteristics of Transient Heat

2018-12-18 · field usually depends on boundary conditions, initial condition, geometry and material properties of the body. The reason why one need to know temperature field is to deflection, compute thermal stress, design insulation thickness and heat tr

Thermal Fluid Analysis by a Mesh Free Simulation - Part 1

2011-10-6 · The thermal fluid field in a headlamp based on the real 3D-CAD model is analyzed by a mesh free method. The conducted method is a new CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) solver based on the couples of the points whose density is controlled scat

RF ablation thermal simulation model: Parameter

To obtain the solution of FEM model, the boundary conditions and initial conditions of the simulation model were set. For the current field, the boundary of the multi-polar RF electrode was set as the voltage source, and the boundary of the liver tissue w

Simulation analysis of the hydration heat of large

For the analysis of the hydration heat temperature field, the main assumptions were as follows: (1) the concrete in the tube was in good contact with the steel tube without gap; (2) the ambient temperature was uniform, the non-uniform temperature field ca

Thermal Analysis of SCRF Cavity Couplers Using Parallel

2010-12-6 · Thermal simulation for the cavity metal body. These two steps are performed in sequence. The result of EM simulation is used as input for the thermal simulation. The analysis starts from a CAD model of JLAB HCCM cavity shown in Fig. 1. The sec

Simulation of temperature field for an advanced

Simulation of temperature field for an advanced grid-stiffened composite structure in the co-curing process ... State Key Laboratory of Structural Analysis for Industrial & ...

Magnetic and Thermal Coupled Field Analysis of Wireless

The analysis is achieved using FEA modeling software ANSYS workbench. For faster subsequent optimization, an order-reduced model is implemented in a system-level simulation. Various tests show the good agreement of the results between the reduced order mo