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soil stablization fibers v s ggbs abstract

Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil Using Ground

2018-5-17 · Abstract---Soil Stabilization may be defined as alteration ... research was carried out with ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) and it was found that ... Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil Using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag K.

Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil by Ground Granulated

2018-12-18 · Stabilization of this soil is required. Apart from various conventional methods of soil stabilization, stabilization by GGBS could not only solve the problem of proper stabilization of black cotton soil, but also solve the issue of disposal o

Comparative Study On Effect Of Soft Soil Stabilization

2016-1-2 · Comparative Study On Effect Of Soft Soil Stabilization Using Coir Fibres And Polypropylene Fibres ... Abstract: The loads coming on the structures are transferred directly to the earth. The stability of the structure depends upon the strength o

Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil using GGBS, Glass Fiber

2018-6-14 · construction. So, stabilization of soft soil with glass fiber material, GGBS and cement is an important alternative method in construction of geotechnical and geo environmental sub structures. Manufacturing industries and thermal power plants

A Study on Stabilization of Expansive Soil with Ground

2018-7-31 · S. Ammireddy1, K.Sridevi2, Ch.Sivanarayana3, ... S. Ammireddy Abstract: Soil stabilization is one of most important for the construction which is widely used in connection ... and GGBS is 20% for stabilization of given soil based on CBR value,

Ground granulated blast furnace slag amended fly ash as an

The index and physical properties of the materials used in this study are summarized in Table 1.The expansive soil is classified as CH in accordance with the USCS classification system.The swelling potential of the soil based on modified free swell index


2017-6-7 · different types of method used for soil stabilization are: Soil stabilization with cement, Soil stabilization with lime, Soil stabilization using bitumen, Chemical stabilization and a new emerging technology of stabilization by Geo textiles and

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college low cost demonstration house stablization of soil for bricks puddled with organic materials master plan for a rural settlement - igoor restoration of tank development plan for a growth centre low cost roofing tiles studies on low cost stabilized e

Soil Stabilization - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Abstract. Soil stabilization is a very common process for almost all the road projects. Broadly, all types of soil stabilization can be classified into two groups, i.e. mechanical stabilization and chemical stabilization. In mechanical stabilization, the


2012-5-11 · This is to certify that the project entitled SOIL STABILIZATION USING WASTE FIBER MATERIALS submitted by Mr. Arpan Sen (Roll No. 108CE019) and Mr. Rishabh Kashyap (Roll. No. 108CE018) in fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelo

(PDF) Experimental study on effects of stabilization of

Experimental study on effects of stabilization of clayey soil using copper slag and GGBS ... Ch. Ravitej and D. S. V. Prasad, International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology ...